Dog Water Bottles: pet hydration without water bowls!

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What exactly are "Dog Water Bottles"?

Pet hydration is a critical issue for many pet owners. Today's active lifestyles, combined with increasing travel, increased pet recreation activities such as agility competitions, dog shows, dog dock diving, and of course hunting, running--even working animals such as rescue dogs and K9 Police dogs--make pet hydration a major concern for the pet owner. And often it is inconvenient to bring a water bowl or other pet watering device. One particular product, the Pet Top® Portable Drinking Device for Pets, turns most standard water bottles into "dog water bottles". And you can call them "pet water bottles" too, since they work for many other pets including cats, even pigs, goats and birds including owls and parrots.

How Dog Water Bottles Increase Your Pet's Comfort and Help Reduce Waste

Often dog owners have the need to bring water for their pets when at the park or on the road. Many times they end up buying and/or bringing a water bottle with them. Sometimes they pour water into a bowl. But what happens if your pet doesn't drink it all? That's right, wasted water and money. And if you're traveling with your pet in a car or boat, driving with a bowl of water will usually make quite a mess!

And what if you don't have a bowl with you? Often pet owners will pour or squeeze water directly from the bottle into their pet's mouth, hoping to hydrate their pets that way. But this unrestricted water flow often causes the dog to sneeze or cough, because the water enters the windpipe through which they breathe. This is not comfortable or desired for your pet! And often much of the water ends up on the ground. More wasted water and money. This impacts the environment as well because people go through their water more quickly and often have to buy bottled water more frequently, increasing the amount of plastic bottles used and thrown away.

The Pet Top® Portable Drinking Device for Pets helps alleviate these problems by adjusting the flow of water to just the right size for your pet, greatly reducing wasted water and allowing your pet to get the right amount of water at a pace he or she can handle, without pouring or squeezing.

Benefits of Dog Water Bottles for Sick or Older Pets

You've probably seen pets wearing "cones" or collars after surgeries or injuries to prevent them from licking or biting affected areas. Well, those cones also prevent your pet from effectively using a bowl. Sure you can remove the cone, but you can also use a dog water bottle, like one you can make with the Pet Top® Portable Drinking Device for Pets and most standard water bottles. And if your pet is older and/or has trouble walking, a dog water bottle can be very helpful.

Using Dog Water Bottles with Supplements or Fortified Water

If your pet must take a liquid-based supplement, fortified dog water, or pet medicine, using a bowl may leave you unsure about how much your pet actually will drink and if you end up having to throw it out, you've also wasted the cost of the unused product. With a dog water bottle made possible with the Pet Top® Portable Drinking Device for Pets, you can keep track of what your pet has used, reduce waste and save money as well.

Many Good Reasons

There are many good reasons to use dog water bottles possible with the Pet Top® Portable Drinking Device for Pets!
  • They're more comfortable for your pets than trying to pour or squeeze water into their mouths
  • You can adjust the flow to what your pet can comfortably drink
  • You don't have to carry a bowl around with you
  • You can use most standard water bottles
  • You can reduce waste and save money, and if necessary keep track of what your pet has consumed
  • You can more comfortably hydrate sick or older pets who have trouble using a bowl.
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